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Re: Aborted Command, ahd_timeout, panic: no dir

> So the HBA was fully operational, but the disk didn't reset fully?
Looks like it.

> Assuming the SCSI BUS reset code is in ahd is ok
I even pressed the red button (because I tried reboot in ddb and it got stuck
in "syncing disks...".

> - cable/connector not fully connected, broken wire/half-broken pin or
> similar (ahd does SCSI over parallel SCSI cable, right?)
I didn't touch the cabling.

> In the latter case, I'd consider the power supply capacity, among 
> other sources of the problem. Hm, semi-brownout?
The power supply has far more capacity than needed (and there are two of it).
And everything is behind USVen (one per PSU).

But before that, there was that "tagged overlapped commands" error.

Also, with one of two disks of a level 1 RAID failing, I wouldn't expect 
anything serious to happen.

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