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Re: 5.1 vs gdb

Back in mid-October, I had a brief exchange here on the list about 5.1
and how gdb would hang under certain circumstances that appeared to
have something to do with my shell startup scripts running programs.

After some very helpful pointers from Christos, I got his "fixed in 6"
backported to 5.1.  On inspection, I find that 5.2_RC1's source tree
appears to have basically the same changes in it, so 5.2 presumably
will have the fixes; I'm mentioning my backporting here mostly in case
someone wants the fixes for 5.1 and for some reason 5.2 is undesirable;
having a note in the list archive might help such a person.

I have them in the form of commits in a git repo.  I can, of course,
generate diffs as desired; also, anyone who cares to (and has some
1.2gig to hold the result) is welcome to git clone
git:// and look at
commits d9c27c0..6859987.

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