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Re: [PATCH] POSIX extended API set 2

> NetBSD does things right, but somehow encouraging the write of
> nonportable code is not The Right Thing, IMO.

Like the way NetSBD does by providing extensions in libraries, like
glob(3) or regex(3)?  By shipping with a compiler that supports (highly
useful, but nonstandard) extensions to C?  Like the way int on 64-bit
ports is 32 bits rather than the 64 one would expect from 6.2.5 #5 ("A
``plain'' int object has the natural size suggested by the architecture
of the execution environment ...")?  Like the huge number of
nonstandard include files and calls - both library-only and syscalls -
it supports?

I think treating the versions with a misleading f as standards
compatability goop is the right way to go here.

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