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Re: [PATCH] POSIX extended API set 2

David Holland <> wrote:

>  > In order to check for absolute path, I need to copyin the path, and it
>  > wil be copied in later again. I suspect that check should go at namei
>  > level.
> I don't understand. Why do you need to copy in the path twice? Don't
> do that.

Yes, I checked your namei code in the meantime, and the absolute path in
indeed checked for. It is just sad we still do the fd_getfile/fd_putfile
for nothing if it is an absolute path.

In fact I think it would make simplier and less error-prone code if NDAT
would take a file descriptor instead of a vnode. fd_getfile/fd_putfile
would be done only once in our codebase in namei(). I understand it is
not be desirable regarding how the kernel is layered, though.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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