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Re: cprng sysctl: WARNING pseudorandom rekeying.

> [...] I realize the kids these days think there should be one
> whole-disk fs as / [...]

To be fair, sometimes that's a right answer.  Loosely put, it's a right
answer whenever running out of space on any filesystem is equally bad
and it's fine for that to mean running out of space on all.

On traditional timesharing systems, where a user can run ~ out of
space, or /var/log can fill up because of an attack, and you want the
system itself to keep chugging along in other respects, that's not a
good design.  But there are plenty of essentially single-user (in the
sense of "one person", not in the sense of "boot -s") systems where
protecting "the system" against "the users" borders on nonsensical and
putting everything in a single filesystem is perfectly reasonable.  A
nontrivial fraction of my own systems work that way; if you don't count
things like a tiny filesystem to hold boot stuff, or multiple
filesystems occasioned because multiple spindles are present (not
everyone wants to weld them together into a single filesystem), that
probably increases to most of my systems.

Part of being a good sysadmin is knowing how to make that kind of
tradeoff. :)


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