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Re: cprng sysctl: WARNING pseudorandom rekeying.

    Date:        Fri, 9 Nov 2012 19:34:05 -0500
    From:        Thor Lancelot Simon <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | No, the cprng named "kernel" is used _inside_ the kernel.  It shouldn't
  | be depleted by use of ssh.

OK.  Can you suggest some possible kernel users then? I wouldn't have
expected this system to have any use at all of in-kernel random bits.

It doesn't use cgd's or ipsec.  (Those would be obvious candidate users
to me).

It does use nfs, but just a single nfs mount (/home).

It has IPv6 and IPv4 configured (on pcn and wm interfaces - that is,
on virtualbox's emulation of those things).  I mention this as the
initial kernel cprng message seems to be about the time the network
is being configured by rc.d/network (that's just an eyeball guess).

Aside from that, it is very boring (it is still running a generic
kernel, I am hoping not to need to keep running virtualbox for
long enough that building a kernel just for it would be justified).


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