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Re: WAPL panic

> Are you running all your filesystems with 64K blocks?
Most of them, yes.

I did some lengthy performance test on various combinations of a RAID 5's
stripe size and the file system block size (the results of which I posted
on tech-kern). The main concern was whether the nightly backup (a TSM client 
running under linux32 emulation) would finish in time even when the file 
systems were getting full. So what I checked was, using a partial copy of 
the real data on the current file server, running a find -ls (simulating the 
phase the backup would stat which files to backup) and a tar cf /dev/null 
(simulating the pase the backup would actually read data).
The winner was 64k fsbsize on 128SpSU (resulting in one fs block per stripe 
unit and four per stripe).

> Almost nobody uses them.
So what do people use, then? Apart from Linux, hardware RAID controllers, 
Cisco switches, HP printers, Dell servers and all the other things I don't?

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