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Re: Assistance working with Marvell SoC NAND controller

On 11/3/12 9:35 AM, Robert Swindells wrote:
Jeff Rizzo wrote:
I'm trying to write a driver for the NAND controller on the Marvell
Kirkwood (and I believe Orion as well) SoC (specifically the 88F6281, as
used in my Sheevaplug), using the datasheet here:
Have you got a copy of the NetBSD source tree that we got from Marvell,
it might provide some extra clues ?

No, I don't have that.    I'm sure it would be useful!  :)

I'm getting an error on startup:

mvsocnand0 at mvsoc0 unit 0 offset 0x10418-0x10473: Marvell SoC NAND controller
nand0 at mvsocnand0NAND chip is write protected!

Robert Swindells

OK, I can probably fix this - but in the meantime, I've gotten a (mostly) working driver from someone else that I'm cleaning up and merging with my code. More soon.


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