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Re: Serious WAPL performance problems

On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 07:53:28PM +0200, Edgar Fu? wrote:
 > > the output of ps -lax on the NFS server during the 18-20 second window
 > As far as I remember (you need the s option, too), the main nfsd
 > thread is on select, one subthread on biowait or biolock and the
 > others on tstile.

It would really be nice to know what those others are waiting behind.

paging rmind...

Explanation to those following along at home: rmind has been claiming
for years that there is no need to have real wchan names instead of
"tstile", which just means "I'm waiting for something". He claims it's
easy to diagnose problems without that information. So when one comes
up it's time for him to prove it. :-)

David A. Holland

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