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Re: suenv

Eric Haszlakiewicz <> wrote:

> Having "trivially detectable buffer overruns" sounds like a completely
> different issue than not being able to load libpthread, or are they related
> somehow?

They are different issues. The relation is just a rhetoric way of
discarding that software as being relevant. :-)
> How did those modules work pre-6.0?  I thought pthreads wouldn't work
> at all when loaded through dlopen because libc would have initialized
> in non-threaded mode at process startup.

pre-6.0 allowed libpthread to be loaded by dlopen(), which was very
unsafe as I understand. My idea to set LD_PRELOAD would revert
functionnality without the hazard tied to dlopen() of libpthread, since
it would be loaded at startup time.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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