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Kernel based virtual machine

Hello all,

I would like to ask whether there are plans to port the Kernel based virtual machine (KVM) from Linux to NetBSD. I already asked that on the netbsd-ports list, but Hubert Feyrer said that this list could also be a good place for this.

I personaly think that KVM is a technology for the future and other OSes for example from the Solaris world (SmartOS) are seem to agree to this. With WinKVM there is also a Windows port (it's inactive since a while).

I don't know if I think right, but I would say that the most work is already done with the QEmu Port, so just the KVM core component kernel modules must be ported. So I don't know how much the APIs, driver structures etc. distinguish from Linux and NetBSD but I would say it would be possible.

Also this would be a great step for NetBSD I think because then there are Xen, QEmu and KVM are supported so there is paravirtualization, full virtualization and emulation supported.

That there is no KVM port for NetBSD is for me the only point which prevents me to switch completely to NetBSD. I see also big potential in the Solaris derivats but the BSDs are the best and I wan't to get away from the very chaotic, "unstable" and very differing linux world.

PS: Sorry for my bad english

Best Regards

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