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Re: 5.1 video(4) mmap interface?

> I'm trying to use the video(4) interface under 5.1.
> [...mmap(2)-based interface doesn't work for me...]

Jared McNeill very kindly pointed out I wasn't using VIDIOC_QBUF at
all, which of course explains it.

I'm fairly sure I wrote a loop with those in it.  I don't know whether
I'm hallucinating, or I managed to completely lose it during edits at
some point, or what, but I find that (a) he's right, of course, and (b)
when I supply them, it works just fine.

My thanks to him for the thawck with the cluestick and my apologies to
everyone for being such a friggin' idiot and bothering the list with a
stupid mistake that could have been corrected with a careful reading of
the manpage and the code.

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