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Re: pass-through linux ioctl for mfi(4)

In article <>,
Manuel Bouyer  <> wrote:
>the attached patch adds a pass-through ioctl interface, with the
>necessery linux compat code, for mfi(4). This allows to run the
>linux binary of the MegaCLI tool provided by LSI logic.
>Adding support for the FreeBSD binaries should be easy, once
>the COMPAT_FREEBSD is updated to run recent binaries.
>(I found that running a 9265-8i without MegaCLI has lots of
>limitations, e.g. you have to reboot and enter firmware to start
>reconstruction after a disk remplacement).
>One problem is that the key conflicts with the ossaudio ioctl.
>What I've done is that I explicitely test for the mfi ioctls in
>linux_ioctl.c. Does anyone see a better way of handling this ?
>More generaly, does anyone have any comments about this code ?

Where is the patch?


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