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Re: NetBSD-5 appears to have forgotten how to execute 0.9A binaries

        hello.  It turns out this problem ismore sinister than I first
thought.  I have another such binary that hangs the system entirely -- even
running ldd(1), which I assume runs through the same bad code causes the
system to become completely unresponsive -- no ping, no shell control-t,
hard reset required.  And, just to be clear about the nature of this issue,
root privileges are not required either.  So, this is a nice little local
DOS attack.  I have a test machine available which easily does crash dumps
and has a good serial console, so I'll see if I can reproduce on that and
provide further results.  I assume a fix would want to be pulled
up,assuming I find it, on the grounds that it's a security fix.  I'll also
see about trying -current and NetBSD-6, but I'm guessing those are
vulnerable as well, given Matthew's test with my binary under NetBSD-6

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