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Panic when deleting large number of files inside DomU


I've hit this when deleting a large number of files inside a DomU (but
I'm not sure this is related to Xen specific code). I'm using the 6.0
branch, fetched this morning (RC1), XEN3_DOMU kernel amd64 and the
filesystem is FFSv2:

dev = 0x8e06, block = 454280, fs = /home
panic: blkfree: freeing free block
cpu0: Begin traceback...
printf_nolog() at netbsd:printf_nolog
ffs_blkfree_common.clone.1() at netbsd:ffs_blkfree_common.clone.1+0x2fa
ffs_blkfree() at netbsd:ffs_blkfree+0x148
ffs_indirtrunc() at netbsd:ffs_indirtrunc+0x3d4
ffs_truncate() at netbsd:ffs_truncate+0x9a4
ufs_inactive() at netbsd:ufs_inactive+0x2df
vrelel() at netbsd:vrelel+0x1bb
ufs_remove() at netbsd:ufs_remove+0xcf
VOP_REMOVE() at netbsd:VOP_REMOVE+0x37
do_sys_unlink() at netbsd:do_sys_unlink+0x104
syscall() at netbsd:syscall+0xc4
cpu0: End traceback...

dump to dev 142,1 not possible

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