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Re: [RFC][PATCH] _UC_TLSBASE for all ports

Christos Zoulas <> wrote:

> Like it or not most of the world has turned into linux. We can either
> provide compatibility where possible (and not overly disgusting) to
> gain compatibility with 3rd party code developed for linux, or simply
> say "tough, it will not work on NetBSD because we refuse to compromise".

IMO here it is even a worse stance, since we already have the desired
fix for amd64, i386, m68k, mips, vax, and hppa. It would be more like:
"it will work on NetBSD, except for sh3, sparc, and sparc64 ports
because we refuse to compromise. And on powerpc and alpha it will work
but with different interfaces". 

We are supposed to focus on portability, it is really weird to argue
that a feature should have a MI interface.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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