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Re: Raidframe and disk strategy

        Hello.  I'm not going to claim to be an expert at anything here, but
grepping through the raidframe sources doesn't show me anything that says
it sorts requests from the upper layers, nor that it sorts
requests to the  underlying disks except in the case of when it's doing
reconstruction or paritymap maintenance.  That said, and while I don't have
any hard numbers yet, it looks like the patch I posted last night yields an
instant 16% improvement on throughput on one of the backup servers I run.
Could someone else try the patch and see if they see similar gains?  Below
is a shell snippet I use in /etc/rc.local to set the strategy for all the
attached raid sets on a system, in case that's useful for folks.


#Set the queuing strategy for raid sets currently configured (BB 8/8/2012)
raidlist="`ls /etc/raid*.conf |sed 's+/etc/++' |sed 's+\.conf++'`"
for curraid in $raidlist; do
        dkctl /dev/r$curraid"d" strategy priocscan

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