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NetBSD virtio drivers performance


I have a VPS machine hosted by a KVM ( Linux Kernel Virtual Machine ) hoster in Germany which I am running happily since two years now a NetBSD system.

I stumbled by chance on the fact that NetBSD 6 has virtio drivers ( by reading a post ... announcin a gsoc project to port them to DragonFlyBSD:, so I decided to benchmark the virtio block driver with bonnie++.

The raw results are here (with BETA_2 binaries )

I tryed to concentrate myself on block writing performance, by using sync mounts on the host, and I got reprocible results by trunning the bonnie++ test three times in a row.

So short said , with the virtio driver, NetBSD writes at 25MB/s and without it only 7MB/s.

However i noticed the inclusion of this driver was quite confidential since I haven't found it in the list of changes:
Shouldn't it be here as well ?



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