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re: lwp resource limit

> >1024 seems to small for me.  How about 2048 (if not 4096)?  Please make
> >it a #define somewhere (perhaps lwp.h?).  When would the MD code override
> >the value?
> I just followed the pattern with maxproc. I will bump the limit, but I
> think that putting in the header is a mistake because things might use
> the constant thinking that it always represents reality.

make it a #define in kern_lwp.c itself, that can be pre-defined.

> >For allowing process creation when maxlwp limit is exhausted, I would
> >say this problem is better solved with maxprocperuid you mentioned.
> Yes, perhaps. I think that the process/lwp limits need to be re-thought.

i would say that the best way to handle this would be to not count
the first lwp in any process as part of the lwp rlimit.


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