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Re: buffer cache & ufs changes (preliminary ffsv2 extattr support)

Mouse <mouse%Rodents-Montreal.ORG@localhost> wrote:

> The Mac did this, with resource forks and data
> forks, and you may note OS X doesn't do it any longer.  I suspect these
> will seem like a good idea for a while, until people start discovering
> all the things they break, or that break them, and realize that they
> didn't learn from history and thus had to repeat it.

The problem with multiple-forked files is interaction with the outter
world. When you upload a file on the internet, you loose the non
data-forks, except if you serialize in some way (the .hqx format did
that just for the mac). How things will work on a NFS filesystem is also
an issue: you may not want mv(1) or cp(1) to strip non-data fork

Anyway we already have the problem with ffsv1 extended attributes. I
added extattr support to cp(1) and mv(1), but there is a lot of work
left to do: dump, restore, tar, cpio, zip, unzip, scp, rcp, rsync...  Of
course there will be situation where protocols or format will not allow
preservation of extended attributes. In that case, the program may need
to warn the user about lost data.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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