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New console toy


some of you probably noticed a bunch of commits in rasops, wscons etc. 
regarding support for anti-aliased fonts in the console. There are three 
drivers which support this so far:
- genfb, if it finds a 32bit framebuffer
- ffb
- voyagerfb with options VOYAGERFB_ANTIALIAS
To test this on your hardware you need to:
1. add an anti-aliased font to your kernel config:
   * options FONT_DEJAVU_SANS_MONO12x22 # Helvetica-ish font
   * options FONT_DROID_SANS_MONO12x22 # Google's Droid font
   * options FONT_FREEMONO12x22 # Times lookalike
   They were all generated from TrueType fonts found in pkgsrc, I'll commit the 
   at some point, it's kinda rough right now.
   Leave at least one bitmap font in as a fallback for drivers that don't 
support alpha
   fonts, for now that's still the majority.
2. with genfb, make sure it finds a 32bit framebuffer ( on x86 pick an 
appropriate VESA
   mode ), with voyagerfb add options VOYAGERFB_ANTIALIAS, with ffb do nothing
3. rebuild your kernel, boot it, stare at a console that looks an order of 
   better ;)

So far ffb is the only driver which does all the alpha blending work by 
hardware, in genfb it's all software and voyagerfb is halfway between - the 
hardware doesn't support alpha blending but we can still use the blitter to 
draw characters ( and thus avoid having to access framebuffer memory directly 
which would require syncing the drawing engine )
All the new fonts use ISO encoding, support for auto-generated box drawing 
characters has been added.

have fun

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