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Re: 32-bit partition offset/size in disklabel

        Hello.  You've probably gotten a bunch of answers to this question by
now, but the answer is that NetBSD doesn't support using disklabels on
disks or partitions which are more than 2TB in size.  Instead, use  gpt
wedges to do it.Reat the gpt(8),  dkctl(8) man page and look at the NetBSD
howto and wiki pages on the web.

On Nov 30, 10:44am, Frank Wille wrote:
} Subject: 32-bit partition offset/size in disklabel
} While looking at struct disklabel in src/sys/sys/disklabel.h I wonder
} about the partition offset and size being 32-bit values:
}         struct  partition {             /* the partition table */
}                 uint32_t p_size;        /* number of sectors in partition */
}                 uint32_t p_offset;      /* starting sector */
}         [...]
} I don't understand how NetBSD supports partitions larger than 2TB or
} starting beyond the 2TB boundary (assuming a sector size of 512 bytes)...
} -- 
} Frank Wille
>-- End of excerpt from Frank Wille

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