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Re: ChewieFS


> On Thu, 10 Nov 2011 17:20:37 +0100, Julian Fagir <> 
> wrote:
>> You're declaring it still has some bugs - which are those? Before trying  
>> it
>> out (I hope to have an SSD some time), it would be nice to know them. ;-)
>> The issues listed seem rather technical.
> There are two known bugs:
> - If you write out a file which is greater than the available free space,  
> the file will be resized to the free size (this is normal), and after  
> remount this file will cause a crash.
> - If you truncate a file shorter, the original data stays in the memory  
> until you remount the filesystem. Appending will be working on it, but if  
> you truncate it longer before remounting, the file will be filled by the  
> original data instead of zeros. I didn't find how i can drop the "dirty"  
> page_cache if the FS doesn't need it anymore.

normally uvm_vnp_setsize is used for the task.


> But, how Adam said, the ChewieFS isn't designed for SSD.
> Tamas Toth

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