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Re: A simple cpufreq(9)

> I'm sure at this point someone could put together a 36-bit machine
> out of FPGAs that ran fast enough to be used as a low-volume web
> server, and there are certainly heterogeneity advantages to such a
> platform.  Maybe someone who knows enough about such things should
> actually do this :-)

If I had a source of FPGAs that were decently documented - in
particular, that didn't demand use of a vendor-provided opaque binary
blob to generate the programming data, I'd probably be doing that
(among other things) already.  (Such things may well already exist, but
I haven't found them.  Not that I've put all _that_ much effort into
looking; finding needles in haystacks is not exactly my forte - unless
the needles are bugs and the haystacks are code.)

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