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| Even using a utf-8 encoded filename, at 5 bytes/character, that's 
| still a 51 character filename, which is longer than rational - names 
| >= 40 characters mean that on a standard 80 column display, ls can't 
| even show
| 2 columns of names.

FWIW: the "basic multilingual plane" of Unicode (the 2-byte subset) requires a 
max of 3 bytes per char in UTF-8.  And even the additional "planes" that have 
been defines -- of which only a small fraction is in use, and nearly all of 
that is for archaic scripts -- takes you only up to 10.ffff as the highest code 
point, well below what can be encoded in 4 bytes.  So realistically 255 bytes 
max gives you over 80 characters max.


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