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re: A simple cpufreq(9)

> What a boolean gives you is: simplicity and a bias towards performance
> (which I think should be the priority on NetBSD generally). This is traded
> for minor power consumption increase and possibly heat. Should be fine for
> servers and most laptop users.

this is not fine for my laptop.

i tend to run it at 1066 or 1199 mhz (range is 933 to 1600) because
that's the range that usually has the same power envelope as 933mhz
but runs a little faster, and, like joerg, is capable of playing
most h264 at this speed.  at full speed the fan runs too much.

(FWIW, ultrasparcIIIi has cpufreq features, iirc, it allows the freq
to run at 1/2 and 1/16th normal.  i'm sure that the modern fijitsu
SPARC64 also has it, but i don't know much about it.)

i'd like to re-iterate what i said earlier though -- i'd really much
rather this became real-code in the tree sooner than when it becomes
a perfect API.


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