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re: KAUTH_PROCESS_SCHEDULER_*AFFINITY restricted to root in default secmodel?

> I've just had my first occasion to play with the processor affinity 
> code, via porting some code from linux.  It was very straightforward, 
> but there's one glaring difference:  linux doesn't (by default, anyway) 
> require root to use their sched_setaffinity(), while we do require root 
> (by default) for pthread_setaffinity_np().
> I don't pretend to understand the security ramifications regarding 
> processor affinity;  I do wonder, however, whether it warrants requiring 
> elevated privilege (and possible exposure via other code in the process 
> which doesn't require root for normal operation) to prevent allowing 
> users to pin their own code to a particular cpu by default.  Are we sure 
> we've made the right (default) tradeoff here?
> For my own use, I know I can tweak the secmodel to permit 
> KAUTH_PROCESS_SCHEDULER_SETAFFINITY .  (and now I'm going to research 
> how to actually do it.  :)

i've found this some what annoying.  IMO, we should have a a way to say
"let normal users do this".  i'm not sure sysctl is the right place, but
maybe an overlay secmodel?  on some of my machines, i don't want to have
to be root to do this.  it's annoying to have to use root to get the
highest performance i can out of an application.

the current default is fine, however.


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