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Re: deadlock on flt_noram5

> db> show uvm
> Current UVM status:
>   pagesize=4096 (0x1000), pagemask=0xfff, pageshift=12
>   63217 VM pages: 37312 active, 18283 inactive, 3084 wired, 1 free
>   pages  35865 anon, 18751 file, 3808 exec
>   freemin=256, free-target=341, wired-max=21072
>   faults=920374, traps=810647, intrs=7767403, ctxswitch=12850739
>   softint=16186151, syscalls=897784267, swapins=23, swapouts=40
>   fault counts:
>     noram=4, noanon=0, pgwait=0, pgrele=0
>     ok relocks(total)=4706(4711), anget(retrys)=311116(1693), amapcopy=96542
>     neighbor anon/obj pg=119132/1323748, gets(lock/unlock)=336489/3015
>     cases: anon=220693, anoncow=36623, obj=275901, prcopy=60586, przero=315025
>   daemon and swap counts:
>     woke=47, revs=33, scans=53717, obscans=81, anscans=33755
>     busy=0, freed=32656, reactivate=15379, deactivate=87720
>     pageouts=4244, pending=29740, nswget=1702
>     nswapdev=2, swpgavail=98303
>     swpages=98303, swpginuse=33791, swpgonly=30938, paging=1180

my guess is:

        - processes, including your file server, are waiting for completion
          of paging i/o.

        - paging i/o never completes as they are served by your file server.

ie. it isn't a new problem.


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