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Re: autoclean mode for tmpfs

Am 07.08.11 18:34, schrieb Emmanuel Dreyfus:
> Marc Balmer <> wrote:
>>> Yes, a TTL attribute on an inode: once it expires, the filesystem tosses
>>> the file on next access attempt.
>> you shoudn't toss away a file when something attempts to access it.  you
>> should toss it away when nothing attempt to access it for long enough.
> The idea was to avoid a daemon that periodically inspets file timeout.
> You just have to check for expiration on access. If expired, remove the
> file and ansswer ENOENT.

But that is uber-stupid ;) Something tries to access a file, which is
perfectly there, and instead of returning the data, we toss the data
away and return ENOENT... ???

Sorry, but this is really a bad idea.  What's wrong with having a kernel
thread that those the house-keeping?

And what is auto-erasing files good for in the first place?  I don't get
the point, for me it's calling for trouble.

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