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Re: cxdtv

On Fri, 5 Aug 2011, Patrick Welche wrote:

will match the board, but then how do I find out about what to put into
cb_tuner and cb_demod? (v4l suggests "TUNER_PHILIPS_FMD1216ME_MK3" for
the tuner)

According to the Linux driver, in DVB-T mode it uses a Conexant CX22702 demodulator along with that tuner. In DVB-S mode it uses a CX24123 with an ISL6421 for LNB control. You'll have to write i2c drivers for these chips. Also note that dtv will need some modifications for DVB-S; it's only been tested to date with ATSC and DVB-C Annex B. DVB-T shouldn't be a problem though.


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