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Re: extended attributes and lsextattr/extattr_list_file

YAMAMOTO Takashi <> wrote:

> the namespace mapping issue exists regardless where (kernel/userland)
> they are implemented, doesn't it?

It gets worse if you implement FreeBSD flavor in userland, because you
have to insert the namespace into the attribute name in order to keep
the information when using system calls.

> anyway most applications only care about the user namespace, i guess.

glusterfs only uses trusted namespace, for instance.

> i tend to think it's better to just kill the freebsd flavor of syscalls.

I think the API is ill-designed too. Even the function names are at odds
with usual Unix practice.

What we can do is to depreciate the FreeBSD API, and change our code
in-tree to use the Linux API. I think moving things to userland will do
more harm than good.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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