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Re: Sun keyboard on i386?


>> [...trying to use the Sun kbd driver on i386...hackery...]
>> [...builds...links...doesn't work..."what's wrong?"...]


> MI com driver has no idea it can have children.

> Cf. sys/arch/sparc64/dev/com_ebus.c that calls MI com_attach_subr()
> and then attaches keyboard/mouse children if PROM says they are
> there.


Yes, pretty blindingly obvious once pointed out.


> On sparc64 the console attach stuff is based on properties it gets
> from OBP.  On x86 that's done in a completely different manner.  You
> will have to do a lot of cnattach hacking.

cnattach?  I'd be fine with it not working in the console.  (It'd be
nice, but not worth putting much time into.)

> I'd recommend getting a newer Type 4 or Type 5 USB keyboard instead
> of trying to kluge a serial keyboard.  Those work great on x86.

Yeah, but they also suck.  If I considered types 4 or 5 usable, I'd be
using them now.  The layout is peecee-infected and the feel is mushy; I
consider them approximately as usable as the peecee keyboard I'm
suffering with now.

I had a look at the X code, and I think it might be comparatively
simple to come at it from that direction instead.

Oh well.  It would have been a nice hack, but it's sounding like more
effort than it's worth to me.

Thanks for pointing out what I was being blind to, people!

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