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Re: switching to <sys/bus.h>: the non-trivial patches

On Jul 8, 2011, at 12:21 PM, David Young wrote:

> For review, here are the remainder of the patches that switch
> the architectures with PCI support from <machine/bus.h> to a
> common <sys/bus.h> that includes MD <machine/bus_defs.h> and
> <machine/bus_funcs.h>.
> Please review, test, comment.  Thanks.
> The bulk of this patch moves tons of inline bus_space(9) routines to
> appropriate .c files where they are not any longer inline.  The changes
> to PowerPC involving BUS_DMA_DONTCACHE need to be reviewed.
> I have not included in the patch the changes to umpteen
> <machine/types.h>'s that #define __HAVE_NEW_STYLE_BUS_H, or the deletion
> of umpteen <machine/bus.h>'s.

We aren't installing <sys/buf.h> anymore so why are installing

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