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Re: extended attributes and lsextattr/extattr_list_file


> YAMAMOTO Takashi <> wrote:
>> python xattr library contains some #ifdef __FreeBSD__ code.
>> i don't know if it works or not.
> Yes, you have things like this:
> "Converts a freebsd format attribute list into a NULL terminated list.
> While the man page on extattr_list_file says it is NULL terminated, 
> it is actually the first byte that is the length of the
> following attribute."
> At least this one can be functionnal, since it discovered the
> documentation was wrong at that time :-)
>> my guess is that the code was put in kernel so that it can be used
>> by compat_linux.  i can be wrong.
> Linux-like API for extended attribute has been in our native NetBSD
> system calls for a while, but unfortunately, it was not available as a
> libc stub, not <sys/xattr.h> was installed in /usr/include. 

yes, i know.
what i don't understand and was guessing is why we need two sets of
native syscalls.  one of them can be in libc.

> This API is really useful in order to build and run natively a program
> that was written for Linux. If you do not have it, you have to patch the
> program to add API conversion functions.

i agree.


> -- 
> Emmanuel Dreyfus

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