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Re: mount -o extattr (extended attributes)

Thor Lancelot Simon <> wrote:

> But since the extended attribute database isn't validated by fsck, the
> kernel can still suddenly crash at that point, no?

I did not observe that with -o extattr, at least yet. The EA code makes
some efforts to sanity check what it finds. I think my problems were
caused by reading file from a dirty filesystem before fsck.
> > I understand that this implementation is weak, though. I do not have enough
> > time to address the problems, so I will not argue for adding UFS_EXTATTR
> > to generic kernels. I still think -o setattr can be be useful, as it
> > makes the thing a bit more usable. 
> I know you didn't make the problems here -- you just inherited them.  Thanks
> for working on this.

Well, if we want a robust EA implementation, I understand we must look
for an UFS2 import.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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