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Re: psaux driver

> a half a year ago I wrote a simple psaux driver which exports raw ps
> port to userspace in the way in which Linux used to do with a psaux
> driver.

> I need it in order to handle my synaptics touchpad correctly using
> the available userspace X driver.

I dunno about X drivers, but I addressed the desire to get at my
Synaptics directly a bit differently: I made dev/pckbport/synaptics.c
also present a character-device interface (actually, I added
.../synapticsdev.c with .../synaptics.c having just minimal hooks).
This interface can either copy events on their way to wscons or steal
them entirely so wscons never sees them, depending on how it's opened
(which minor device); it returns raw Synaptics 6-byte packets.

I'm not sure if this is operationally equivalent to what you have, but
it might be of some interest.  Currently, the only ways it's available
are either (1) directly from me or (2) via my gitification of my
changes to 4.0.1; git clone
git:// and look at commit
66383ba7adc6a6507f6d194661820e5b07e48e1b.  (You'll need a gig or so of
space if you want a checked-out tree and something like a third of a
gig for git's stuff.)

> The disadvantage is that it bypasses the wscons layer, so it is
> inherently not elegant.

Well, so does mine.  But then, wscons is rather Procrustean; it tends
to pare away capabilities until what's left fits the wscons model.
This, of course, has a good side and a bad side, but it does mean that
I don't mind end-running around wscons to get at capabilities its model
doesn't support.

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