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re: Strange behaviour

> > Despite the level of "System" time, I was able to run a complete
> > " -j48 release" in less than 45 minutes.  And afterwards, I
> > was able to build a complete new kernel in 44 seconds.  (I guess
> > most all of the source directory was cached somewhere in that 32GB
> > of RAM!)
> *Shrug* that's about how long it takes on my 4 year old Mac Pro with
> 8 cores...

FWIW, my phenomII X6 1100T (3.3ghz) does amd64 "release iso-image"
in about 35 minutes.  so for 24 cores at 2.1ghz to take 45 minutes
is pretty slow.

thor:  4 years ago, the amd64 build was a LOT faster due to no 32 bit
compat.  that adds at least 25% to the build time, IIRC.  are you
comparing it with modern builds?


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