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Re: Is it possible to do PCI enumeration in the kernel ?

On Tue, 17 May 2011, Rohan Akela wrote:

> Hello
> We have a PCIe switch in our x86 based design. The PCIe switch is not
> initialized by the BIOS and instead must be initialized in the kernel
> during bootup. The sequence is
> 1. CPU power and starts NetBSD.
> 2. NetBSD PCI system scan the PCI devices and find Intel ICH10R based
> SMBus controller.
> 3. The SMBUs controller init the PCIe switch over SMBUS.
> 4. Now NetBSD should re-enumerate the PCI bus in order to find the
> PCIe switch and devices downstream of PCIe switch. I see that NetBSD
> PCI system merely scan the PCI bus. I need NetBSD to re-enumerate the
> PCI BIOS so that all the PCI resources such as bus no, BAR assignment
> is done.
> So is it possible to do PCI re-enumeration in the kernel ?

Take a look at the PCI_NETBSD_CONFIGURE kernel option.  You may need to do 
some work to get it to work on your hardware.  And once it executes forget 
about sharing the board with any resident firmware.


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