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Re: RAIDframe component replacement

>> None of these can help with that.  Whenever as your RAID1 is running
>> single-member, you lose it if the live member fails.

> Yes, of course.

> But it's currently running 2-member.  Is there a way to temporarily
> run it three-member and then remove the error-prone component?

Oh, I see what you mean!

I don't think there is.  As far as I can tell, RAIDframe (at least as
of 4.0.1, which IIRC is what you said you're using) does not support
RAID 1 with more than two members.  (FIxing that would be my preferred
fix, actually; even just making it two-or-three members would help, as
then any number of members could be done with a fixed-depth tree.  But
I would guess - not having looked - that going to three would be little
if any easier than going to an arbitrary number.)

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