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re: diff: add show proc command to ddb

> On Wed, Apr 06, 2011 at 02:07:18AM +0300, Vladimir Kirillov wrote:
> > Hello, tech-kern@!
> > 
> > I really wanted a show proc command to avoid looking up process
> > information by running ps with all flags and intensive scrolling.
> > 
> > The show proc output mostly combines the outputs of all switches
> > in ps.
> I like the idea. Note that some archs already have a 
>    mach proc <address of lwp>
> command (defaulting to curlwp, and the man page needs an update, it talks
> about procs).
> Maybe this can be integrated in the MI variant with an option?
> Should the "mach" variants go away later?

since it works on lwps...can we call the MI version "show lwp <lwpaddr>"?


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