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re: lockstat from pathological builds Re: high sys time, very very slow builds on new 24-core system

> Thinking about some first steps.  We have a bunch of global counters and
> statistics stored in struct uvmexp.  For example: pga_zerohit, cpuhit,
> colorhit etc.
[ .. ]
> Then there are filepages, execpages, anonpages, zeropages, etc.  The same
> could naively be done for these as a short term step.  In the places these
> are used, we don't need a completely accurate view.  In the longer term we
> may want these to become per-NUMA node or whatever.
> I don't have a good suggestion for since we check that one quite
> regularly.  I think that one is quite closely tied to whatever scheme is
> chosen for the allocator.
> Thoughts?

i like this.

matt has already done some of this work of moving uvmexp data into
per cpu areas.


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