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re: the bouyer-quota2 branch

> > > Agreed. So let's keep quotactl(2) ... it's fine and is working.
> > 
> > i'd rather use quotactl2() than the old name.
> > 
> > other ideas:
> >     
> >     quotapropctl()
> >     quotaprop()
> > 
> > and i'd be ok with quotapctl() as well.
> I still don't understand what problem we're trying to fix. OK, by using
> another name we don't need RENAME(). But why is it harmfull ?
> How is it worse than other syscalls or functions which have been versionned ?

the big difference is that the API has changed, not just the ABI.
usually RENAME is used when we change some type related to the
syscall, not the actual argument types themselves.

ie, old code with quotactl() won't compile now.


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