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Re: Problems with raidframe under NetBSD-5.1/i386

        Hello.  See below.

I really don't get why the creation of the raid set would have
succeeded before, but not afterwards.... Was the RAID set created in
single-user mode or from sysinst or something?  Is there some
'securelevel' thing coming into play?  I'm just guessing here, as this
makes no sense to me :(  (The thing is: RAIDframe shouldn't be touching
any of those 'protected' areas of the disk anyway... the first 64
blocks are reserved, with the component label and such being at the
half-way point.  So even if you used an offset of 0, it would have only
been looking to touch blocks 32 and 33 (for parity logging).... so
unless something is protecting all of the first 63 blocks it shouldn't
be complaining :( )
        In thinking about this further, I'm not sure why it was failing in
this way either.  My error should have  made the raid set look like it was
on the raw partition, rather than a miscalculated a partition, since both
partitions started at offset 0 on the disk.
        The raid sets were created using raidctl -C /etc/raidx.conf raidx in
multiuser mode.  The error would show itself when the raid driver would try
to write to block 64 of the underlying component.  Perhaps because "errors
are being ignored" was in effect with the -C flag, I missed the complaint
when the raid set was created.


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