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Re: modules and weak aliases

On Tue Feb 22 2011 at 13:24:38 -0600, David Young wrote:
> If there are weak aliases in my kernel and strong aliases in my kernel
> module, will the in-kernel linker override the weak aliases when I load
> my module, and put back the weak alias when it unloads my module?
> Supposing that the answer to my first question is "yes," can I make the
> modules subsystem pause, before releasing the module's memory, while all
> threads vacate the module's functions?

From what I recall from having some things accidentally as __weak_alias
in rump, this happens:

        case STB_WEAK:
                kobj_error("weak symbols not supported\n");
                return 0;

älä karot toivorikkauttas, kyl rätei ja lumpui piisaa

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