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Re: Loading modules during startup

On Jun 6,  8:40pm, Paul Goyette wrote:
} One thing still puzzles me a bit WRT device-driver modules.....
} We have a number of devices whose drivers have been modularized.  For 
} example, acpicpu(4).  There appears to be no attempt to auto-load 
} drivers when their associated devices exist; this could be due, in part, 

     Not entirely true, but it is rather adhoc at the moment.

} to having the xxx_match() within the driver itself.  If there's nothing 
} to identify the device, what mechanism should be used to load the 
} driver?

     There is the code provided by jmcneill@.  Taking a closer look at
it is on my list of things todo after I finish my current MODULAR
project, which is loading <module>.plist at boot time (/boot code is

} My solution has been to manually load the appropriate modules in my 
} /etc/rc.local file.  But it would seem to me that there should be a 
} "better way" (tm) to do this.
} I don't think that a single /etc/rc.d/modules script (with some sort of 
} configuration file) would necessarily fill the bill, since there might 
} be different dependencies (some modules might need to be loaded early, 
} some later).
} Any thoughts or suggestions?
}-- End of excerpt from Paul Goyette

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