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Nouveau (Open Source 3D acceleration for nVidia cards) on NetBSD.


I am looking into making Nouveau ( work on 

I saw `mrg' uid on version 1.2 of src/sys/external/bsd/drm/conf/files.drm which 
adds the driver files lines commented out.

I tried uncommenting these line and compiling and I got some compile errors 
similar to when I tried compiling the source from freedesktop on FreeBSD few 
months ago.

I also saw the email from Jean-Baptiste at
I can compile patching the source from 2007.03.25 but not from 2009.06.21.

Finally I have seen this blog entry :

I didn't get from this what was actually functional.
Now, the libdrm configure script dies on a dependency on `pthread-stub'.
( I am running `current'. )

I don't know much about kernel programming and I am struggling with git, but I 
can at least look into updating the patch to the current drm source against 

    1. Which revision were the nouveau sources taken at in ?

    2. Is nouveau on NetBSD being worked on by anyone else ?

Thanks !

Germain Le Chapelain

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