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In article <>,
Frank Wille  <> wrote:
>matt wrote:
>>> A few days ago I learned from Christos that the MI part of cpu_info, i.e.
>>> ci_data, should be exposed when _KMEMUSER is defined, to make vmstat
>>> compile again.
>> PowerPC is nasty since it needs three different cpu_infos.  I think I'm
>> going to move each variants stuff into its own structure and then add them
>> via a union.  Not pretty but a bit better than what's there now.
>Sounds good. Feel free to undo my temporary solution then. For the moment
>I'm just exposing "struct cpu_data ci_info" to avoid problems.

If you can and have defined __HAVE_CPU_DATA_FIRST you should not
need to expose anything in <machine/cpu.h>. It is probably better
to revert all changes that exposed struct cpu_info in the first
place because it is not needed.


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