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Re: cngetc and watchdogs

        Hello.  I have a question about this.  If I understand what this
change does correctly, you're trying to keep the hardware watchdog from
firing while you're in DDB, right?  The question is, is this an optional
change?  That is, can I change the behavior on the fly while the machine is
running?  For example, I may want to have the ability to debug a problem on
a machine, but if the problem occurrs infrequently, which is why I presume
you need this feature at all, there may be times when I want the hardware
watchdog to fire since I'm not near the machine to look into the issue, and
I might want it to continue working, after a fashion, in my absence.  But,
if I'm standing by, waiting for the problem to occurr, I want it to stick
at DDB when it falls into it.
        I ran into this issue as well while debugging some modules, but
decided the current behavior was fine, since if I wasn't at the machine, I
wanted it to carry on anyway.  The problem was that building a debugging
environment looked different thana production environment.

On Dec 21,  6:14am, Matt Thomas wrote:
} Subject: Re: cngetc and watchdogs
} On Dec 21, 2010, at 3:48 AM, Martin Husemann wrote:
} > Will this allow time to proceed while at the ddb prompt?
} > I considered using the feature to keep the fan controll loop active on
} > a SB1000 while in ddb (the alternative is to make fans run full speed =
} on
} > ddb entry, which is a real nuisance if you are anywhere near the =
} machine).
} you could add a critpoll hook to do that.  that's why I made this =
} general since I figured that others might need this. =20=
>-- End of excerpt from Matt Thomas

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