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Heads up: moving some uvmexp stat to being per-cpu

I have a fairly large but mostly simple patch which changes the stats collected 
uvmexp for faults, intrs, softs, syscalls, and traps from 32 bit to 64 bits and
puts them in cpu_data (in cpu_info).  This makes more accurate and a little 
to update on 64bit systems.

I've had to modify some assembly from architectures I'm not really proficient at
(m68k, sparc, sparc64, sh3, i386, amd64) but I think did so correctly.  I would
appreciate some reviews of those changes.  I've verified that all kernels still
build (except those that didn't before the changes).

This change also remove the include of <uvm/uvm_extern.h> from files where it
isn't needed.

The diffs are at 

Have fun reading them!

I'll wait a few days for comments until I do the commit of this change.

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