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Re: pmap_mmap

> md(4) mmap has to return "mdpgno" of char md_root_image[].  I can
> get physical address of md_root_image[] by pmap_extract(9).  There's
> no API to convert physical address to "mdpgno" (opposite of
> pmap_phys_address(9)).

Well, there is awful implementation in sys/dev/usb/udl.c.

> What I ended up is pmap_mmap(9), which is exactly mmmmap(), but
> made public.
> Does this sound right?

Probably it's time to remove "mmap cookie" type as pmap(9) says
since we have separate paddr_t and vaddr_t?

>>      paddr_t pmap_phys_address(paddr_t cookie)
>>              The existence of this function is highly dubious, and it is
>>              expected that this function will be removed from the pmap
>>              API in a future release of NetBSD.

Izumi Tsutsui

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